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"My Positive Learning Journey: Digital Project Management & Design Thinking"

Updated: Jan 7

In this reflection, I would like to share my positive learning experience in the Digital Project Management course, which I took as part of my Diploma in Digital Communication module from Ngee Ann Poly. This course gave me valuable knowledge and skills to plan end-to-end digital projects and how facilitate successful Design Thinking workshops. Throughout the course, I learned about various tools and techniques, including Agile, Scrum, project planning, budgeting, scheduling, communication, risk management, stakeholder management, etc.

Design Thinking

The Agile course taught me that problem solvers need mental agility and constructive compassion to solve real-world problems effectively. Agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban can improve collaboration, flexibility, and satisfaction with the final product. The course taught me to embrace change and seek feedback continually to enhance processes and achieve better outcomes.

The design thinking principles were particularly impactful during the learning journey. Learning about problem-solving tools, critical thinking, prototyping, and testing have helped me appreciate the power of Design Thinking as a problem-solving tool. I am keenly interested in implementing Design Thinking methods with an Agile mindset in all my future project plans, particularly in digital project management..

The course's delivery mode provided online face-to-face learning, remote learning, and in-class workshops. This diverse approach made it easy for me to learn efficiently and conveniently, gaining a solid grasp of the principles of digital project management, tools, techniques, and innovative thinking necessary to execute a successful digital project.

I'm grateful to Mr. Ashan Uddin Shan, the course developer, for his exceptional course planning, teaching, and workshop facilitation. My takeaway is that I've gained valuable knowledge and relevant skills in today's digital world.

Finally, I would like to share some project management, collaborations, and communication tools we explored during the course, including Trello, Asana, Jira,, Mural, and Miro. These tools offer features such as card-based systems, board view, calendar view, document sharing, reporting, workflows, tracking, and agile project management.

Overall, the Design Thinking & Digital Project Management course was a unique experience that helped me gain valuable insights into digital project management and develop skills I can apply to future projects.

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