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I'm an aspiring UI UX Designer & Content Creator: nature lover, and hobbyist photographer.
I'm passionate about integrating informative storytelling into my designs to provide engaging and valuable experiences for users.
ruby peng
ruby peng

Hi ,  I'm ruby

Hi, I'm Ruby

As an aspiring UI/UX designer and content creator, my main objective is to design solutions that are both visually appealing and easy to use. I aim to create designs that enhance the user's experience and make it seamless and enjoyable.

I'm passionate about incorporating storytelling elements into my designs to create immersive experiences that engage and inform users. In my spare time, I enjoy pursuing hobbies like photography, creating short videos, and volunteering for a society that is close to my heart.

I'm committed to utilizing my skills to create content that adds value to society and positively impacts people's lives. I'm eager to continue developing my skills and contributing to the greater good through my work.

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When I'm away from my laptop ...


Software Engineer (Singapore)

“Ruby is an incredibly helpful and hardworking individual. She always puts her best effort into everything she does and is a pleasure to work with"
As a freelancer, my services are ...


As a storytelling freelancer, I use words, images, and other mediums to create engaging narratives that capture the essence of a brand or message. I work closely with clients to craft stories that resonate with their audience and leave a lasting impact.

Website & UX design

I help small businesses with an effective online presence through website creation,

e-commerce website development, and UX design service. I provide customised solutions to assist the company in growing its brand and increasing revenue through its online presence.

Content Creation

I'm a freelance content creator. My works include social media content, newsletter, and short-form blog post.

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